Date:May 14, 2012

Party Wall: House Extension, Cheltenham

Project Outline

The property is a Victorian terraced house which directly shares a party wall and a rear party fence wall (brick garden wall) with both neighbours. The scheme comprised the replacement of an existing conservatory with a modern contemporary side and rear extension. To maximize the living accommodation the scheme proposed to completely demolish and rebuild a large section of a party fence wall and to raise a party fence wall on the other boundary; and use them for the new extension main walls.

Both adjoining neighbours were very concerned, in particular, the general inconvenience of when the building owner (this is the person who wishes to undertake the works) “have the builders in” and having their premises left open. They were also concerned about the effect of the scheme should they at some point in the future wish to develop their property.

Services Provided

  • Scott Surveying was commissioned at the early stages to advise the building owners on their rights under the Party Wall etc. Act 1996.  Issues were identified and presented to the building owners design team to be addressed by them.
  • We worked closely with the project architect and with our input the most appropriate design, construction methods, sequences of work and method statement were produced.  This reduced any potential challenges by an adjoining owner, delay in the progression of various Party Wall consents and unnecessary expenditure to the building owner.
  • We addressed issues raised by the adjoining owners in terms of demolition, protection against the site being left open, security and access.
  • On behalf of the building owner we served Notices and associated documents under the Party Wall etc. Act 1996 Act on adjoining owners.  Subsequent to this Christopher Scott was statutorily appointed as the building owner’s surveyor.
  • Details of the access were determined for raising a party fence wall and for taking down a party fence wall (brick garden wall) and rebuilding it to form part of the new extension.
  • ‘Schedules of condition’ on two properties were carried out.
  • Conclusions of Party Wall Awards.


How Scott Surveying added value

By ensuring both building and adjoining owners discharged their statutory duties under the terms of The Party Wall etc. Act 1996.

By giving an understanding of the rights granted under the Act

Checking and ensuring that suitable methods were adopted so that any inconvenience to the adjoining owner was kept to a minimum and their building was properly safeguarded.

Ensuring that the extension proposals were designed and built out in a manner that would be prejudicial to the adjoining owner should they wish to extend their property at a future time.

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