Date:May 17, 2012

Bespoke Basement: Grade II* Regency Villa, Cheltenham

Project Outline

Albion House Social Club (building owner) wanted to extend the property so that they could have a desperately needed function room. The Local Conservation Officers would only allow them to extend downwards. The Local Authority approved the excavation of a basement storey underneath part of the original property, as well as underneath and beyond the footprint of the new ground floor extension to the rear achieving an open space of 100m2

Most of the original heavy masonry walls and extension walls had to be extended downwards and new reinforced concrete retaining walls had to be constructed, all in the proximity of adjoining neighbourly buildings. This, coupled with noise and vibration restrictions, presented significant structural engineering challenges.

The site was bounded on one side by offices and to the rear by housing belonging to a Housing Association. The freehold owners of these sites were very nervous of the proposed basement development work which they felt could potentially damage their own properties.

Initially, Christopher Scott of Scott Surveying was engaged at the early stages of the design process to advise the design team on Party Wall matters and was then subsequently appointed by the building owner to serve notices and deal with disputes under The Party Wall etc. Act 1996.

Services Provided

  • At the early stages we helped focus the design team on Party Wall related matters requiring early attention, allowing notice to be served and potential issues to be resolved in line with overall programme constraints.
  • Considering alternative options and methods with recommendations that would cause least risk and disturbance to neighbours.
  • We assisted in the development of a temporary works scheme that would satisfy stringent Party Wall criteria.
  • We addressed issues raised by the adjoining owner’s appointed surveyor’s in respect of the various proposed excavations and the retention of the sand/gravel ground during construction process.
  • This included liaising with their consulting structural engineers in order to formalise the proposed methods of excavation, temporary works and subsequent permanent works are appropriate.
  • Recorded ‘schedule of condition’
  • Conclusion of Awards


How Scott Surveying added value

Ensuring both building and adjoining owners discharge their statutory duties under the terms of The Party Wall etc. Act 1996.

Assisting the design team with pragmatic and innovative solutions, ensuring an efficient and economic solution. Maximizing the space available on site was ensured, allowing excavation and construction to progress efficiently and on schedule.

Checking and ensuring that suitable methods were adopted so that stability of the structures and the adjoining sites were always maintained and that any inconvenience to the adjoining owners was kept to a minimum.

Ensuring that the basement proposals were designed and implemented in a manner that the future redevelopment of the adjoining sites was in no way prejudiced.

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