Party Wall Advice for Homeowners

The quest for gaining more space on congested sites has resulted in literally ‘pushing the boundaries’ of the Party Wall legislation and we have been at the forefront of many creative solutions. Read more

Party Wall Advice for Developers

The objective of Scott Surveying is to find creative solutions for developers to overcome legal boundary and neighbourly challenges, in order to realize the vision of their scheme. Read more

Party Wall Advice for Designers

Party wall legislation places an onus on Architects and Engineers not to cause foreseeable damage to or compromise the future rights of neighbouring properties. Read more

Party Wall Advice For Property Managers

Property and facility managers are most often affected by the Party Wall Act’s provisions in the context of the repair, maintenance or refurbishment of buildings where some of the work affects an existing boundary structure (section 2). Read more

Boundary Matters

We provide you with the technical aspects of the boundary dispute and set out the facts that will help you, your legal team and the courts, while safeguarding your interests. Read more