Date:May 13, 2012

Party Wall: City Re-development, Newport, Gwent

Project Outline

The project involved the complete demolition and re-development of a narrow plot to be occupied by a national retailer. The site was adjoined on two sides by buildings requiring their interests to be protected under the Party Wall etc. Act 1996 (the Act).

Apart from the potential damage to their own properties the adjoining owners were very concerned about noise and vibration.

Scott Surveying was commissioned by the owners of the adjoining pub/restaurant and also the freeholder of the adjoining bank to represent their interests in accordance with the Act and any associated boundary matters.

Services Provided

  • Our experience accurately advised their appointing owners of their rights under the Act and identified issues to be presented to the building owners design team to be addressed by them.
  • Scott Surveying addressed demolition issues arising under the Act which directly affected the adjoining properties and negotiated alternative options and methods causing the least disturbance, noise and vibration to the neighbours.
  • This included consulting a demolition engineer in order to ensure the proposed methods of demolition were appropriate.
  • We addressed issues arising under the Act in terms of the proposed deep piled foundations into made ground overlying very dense clay/sand gravel over weak mudstone.
  • This included liaison with structural and geotechnical engineers in order ensure piling method, ground-beam excavation and temporary works and subsequent permanent works are appropriate.
  • One of the adjoining properties shared a party wall and we ensured there is appropriate support to the party wall before demolition commenced and throughout the re-development of the site. Appropriate measures to protect the party wall from the weather were also ensured via agreement in one of the party wall awards.
  • Additional input was required in relation to general boundary matters and associated neighbourly agreements regarding re-enclosing onto the adjoining property to the site boundary and access.
  • Conclusion of Awards


How Scott Surveying added value

Ensuring both building and adjoining owners discharge their statutory duties under the terms of The Party Wall etc. Act 1996.

Checking that suitable methods were adopted so that the stability of the adjoining properties was always maintained throughout the re-development and that any disturbance and inconvenience to the adjoining owners was kept to a minimum.

Assisting the clients/Adjoining Owner’s property managers and liaising with the tenants to ensure inconvenience was minimised.

Ensuring that the proposals were designed and implemented in a manner that the future redevelopment of the adjoining properties was in no way prejudiced.

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