Date:May 21, 2011

Party Wall: Loft and basement conversion

Project Outline

The owner of a two-storey terraced Victorian house served a notice under the Party Wall etc. Act 1996 (the Act) on the adjoining owner in respect of ‘underpinning’ the party wall (and others) to lower the basement floor level to facilitate a basement conversion. Notification was also given to insert a ridge beam and two floor beams into the party wall and to raise the party wall parapet to facilitate a loft conversion.

The adjoining owner contacted us by phone and although they were happy in principle with the conversion proposals they were very nervous of the impact it may have on their property. They described the design details and proposed methods (which accompanied the notice) and they were of concern because the proposals seemed to prejudice the adjoining owner, should they (or their successors) wish to convert their own loft and/or basement at a future time.

After taking our advice the adjoining owner dissented to the notified works stating that if suitable designs and methods were proposed then they would consent.

Christopher Scott of Scott Surveying was subsequently appointed to represent their interest in accordance with The Party Wall etc. Act 1996.

Services Provided

  • Free initial advice
  • We addressed the issues of forming projecting mass concrete underpinning beneath the existing party wall and raising only over half the thickness of the party wall directly affecting the adjoining owner’s rights in the future.
  • This included liaison with the building owner’s appointed surveyor and the structural engineer in order to ensure the party wall was appropriately extended (‘raised’) downwards instead of placing projecting mass concrete underpinning. We also ensured that the party wall would be raised over its full thickness (to form part of the proposed dormer) should the building owner decide not to inset the dormer.
  • Advice was given on stringent Party Wall criteria that needed to be considered and incorporated into the method statements in respect of the temporary support works and excavation/construction process for the basement.
  • The ‘schedules of condition’ recorded by the building owner’s surveyor was agreed
  • Conclusion of Awards


How Scott Surveying added value

By ensuring both building and adjoining owners discharge their statutory duties under the terms of The Party Wall etc. Act 1996.

By giving an understanding of the rights granted under the Act

Checking and ensuring that suitable methods were adopted so that any inconvenience to the adjoining owner was kept to a minimum and their building was properly safeguarded.

Ensuring that the basement and loft proposals were designed and built out in a manner that would be prejudicial to the adjoining owner should they wish to convert their own loft and/or basement at a future time.

For further details, please contact:

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